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Much of the world’s wisdom literature lays claim to divine inspiration. In some traditions, these transcendental messages are carved in stone, in others they are etched in gold, and in still others they are written down by the hand of a channeling messenger. In these Untitled (Messages), each painting serves as a tablet containing obscured "messages" (from poems, songs, wisdom literature) that guided or elevated me at different points in my life.

We've all had the experience of learning some hard-earned lesson, of feeling that that we've grown after making a mistake or encountering wisdom in some form, only to make the same mistake or fall short of a cherished ideal.

Obscuring and coding these messages in my work is a physical meditation on the way that we can lose touch with our best selves. Though the hermetic messages seem out of reach, they remind us that wisdom remains close by, just beyond the illusory veil.

Untitled Message

Untitled (Message #11)

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