"Information overload" is a common complaint in the digital era. However, the density and the opacity of information is more challenging than the volume. In fact, it is an older problem. To the uninitiated, a 19th century nautical chart is as impenetrable as a 21st century data model. No matter how pervasive data or information may be, special knowledge never can be.


Encoded information has an almost romantic appeal (the unknown can be more enticing than the known), but it also represents a barrier.

This series explores the hermetic boundaries of disciplines; the exclusivity of domains; and the barriers to understanding, participation, and empowerment that derive from specialized knowledge.


The working title of the series, Theoria, Praxis, and Poiesis, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Aristotelian hierarchical valuation of different ways of contributing to society -- through theory, through action, or through making. These paintings seek to blur the distinctions between the worlds of ideas, practice, and the creation..



Charm and Strange (Satellite of Love), 2015

Oil and charcoal on canvas

39 x 50 inches