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When texts are present in this series, they operate visually as decorative or structural compositional elements and conceptually as counsel to the participants in the scene. The messages (derivative of the Untitled (Messages) series) are rendered illegible or invisible and, thus, are inaccessible to the subjects.

Much of the imagery in these paintings is composited from experiences overlaid with transitory perceptions, feelings, intuitions, and ideas which seem simultaneously foreign and intrinsic to my own being. (I suppose that's just another way to describe surrealism.)

I try to present the symbols and scenes that emerge from this composite without regard for the valuations of ideology (notwithstanding the “wisdom” of the accompanying text, rendered inaccessible). I try to let the actors speak for themselves, in their own enigmatic fashion, as they pose or play out their scene on a literal and figurative stage set by the messages of which they each are more or less unaware.​


Roma (Veili)

Oil, charcoal, archival ink, and encaustic on panel-mounted canvas

20 x 24 inches

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