Jim Dine in Orbit

Mark Welch
Jim Dine in Orbit (1997)

32 x 48 in
Charcoal, china marker, pigmented gesso on canvas

Artists often directly quote other artists or include art historical references in their work. I was first exposed to Jim Dine's prints in the mid-1990's. Paint palettes, among other items such as tools and bathrobes, often serve as autobiographical stand-ins in his work.

Jim Dine in Orbit lifts Dine's palette motif and transplants it into a celestial diagram taken from a popular science magazine where it traces an eccentric orbital path.

I chose to include this homage to Dine in the current exhibit, Navigating through Clouds, given the concurrent display of Dine's work at the Snite Museum of Art, on view through December 11, 2021 at the University of Notre Dame.

Please visit Jim Dine: American Icon for more information. (Or, better yet, visit the Snite!)


Jim Dine
Two Palettes (1963)
93.5 x 60 in
Oil and charcoal on canvas

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
© Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Photo by Thomas Hawk
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